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Jul 10, 2014
The Texas Riviera
I have a split in one of my power steering lines, either high pressure or low, I am replacing all. Is there a trick to removing the high pressure line? it is killing me to get it off, I am afraid to crank on it to hard, I don't want to break some thing else. I have searched on here and the web on a how to, but no joy. Any help would be awesome.

I assume you're talking about the union bolt that goes in to the high pressure line. If so, you need to hold the "nut"
Capture - Copy.JPG
(with a wrench) that it is tightening in to.
I just installed a PS pump gasket kit and had a problem getting the high pressure hose off the pump. The fitting that screws into the pump that the union bolt screws into turned out of the pump when attempting to back the union bolt out. It took some torque to break the bolt loose initially, and the fitting backed out with the bolt. I had to screw it back in and hold the fitting with a wrench and turn the union bolt with a socket and wratchet (two man job).

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