Power mirror issues

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Jun 29, 2012
When I purchased this 1998 LC, the power mirrors were not adjusting correctly when I was doing my inspection on making sure what was working and what wasn't.

When I select the drivers or passenger side on the power mirror switch, the mirrors would go a little wacky.

Here is the deal: When the passenger side was selected on the PMS...I was trying to pan the mirror up by pushing the top side of the switch to pan up. When doing this the mirror wants to pan downward only. When doing this some times the drivers side mirror would ant to pan down as well???

I had pulled the mirrors off to see if there was a wire that was getting pinched someplace. I found nothing that could apose a problem.

So, I pulled the PMS to see whats up, I found a wire that some cut and spliced in a singale wire that ran to the drives side behind the lower kick panel to another wire that had been cut and replaced.

I reattached the wires back the way they were from the factory, but does the same thing.

I took the PMS apart to see if the switch was ok, I had found that one of the contact pad and the area around was burnt on the board.

The PM's pan in other direction, but some times both will pan at the same time.

I hope by replacing the PMS all will be ok, has anyone experanced anything like this wit these PM's?

I also see on cruiser parts that they see a module called the "out mirror control" does any one know if there is one or where this module is lockated on the 1998 LC?? Both door panels are off and do not see any module on the door, and it's not below my dash anyplace.

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