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Apr 6, 2005
Fairview, NC 28730
Should I paint my white wheels black? or powdercoat them. I'm not familiar with the process. How much should I expect to pay for prep and finish?

I had 4 rally wheels for a Monte Carlo bead balsted and powder coated for $150 locally. I found a place later that would do it cheaper - $100 I think. Hope that gives you a rough idea.
Here is Oregon we have a large Tire Co called "Les Schwab" My local store takes my wheels nd sends them to there whare house and they get sand blasted and powder coated for $18.00 a wheel. And there turn around time is about 2 weeks. If you have a Lagre tire company in your area give them a call.

Best, Shane
Tinker said:
If they're not rare or fancy, why paint 'em unless they're rusty?

They're just ugly. The wheels are bright white and don't match the paint on the truck. I want to de-chrome the truck and make it look tougher than she really is.
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Wow, those prices are great. I paid a lot more for mine.

I second the if they're not rusty, just rattle can the suckas.
use an aliphatic two part epoxy. I believe that what the can says its a two part epoxy the good paint stores carry it hard as a rock and sunlight resistant.
Or rattlecan them I did the backs of mie about 6 months ago and stlli look good

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