Possibly a Birfield Click??

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Sep 19, 2003
Hey guys,
Was out just goofing off a few minutes ago on some dirt/gravel roads and something caught my ear when in 4lo. (87 FJ60) When making a left turn to do a complete 360 degree turn-around (tight radius, but not turned all the way to the lock) I heard a ??metallic?? clicking from the left front hub. :mad: So my next move was to do a 360 deg RHD turn in 4lo to see if the noise persisted, which it did. Then I took it out of 4lo into 4hi and repeated the process-->no clicking. Next, I got out and unlocked the hubs and repeated the process in 2hi-->no clicking.

This has really got me scratching my head. I just did a full axle overhaul about 1,000 miles ago and both birfs looked fine. The only other time the 60 has been in 4wd since the rebuild was right after to test everything out. Nothing hard just a smooth dirt road to test the 4wd. Did not notice the clicking, but as it only occurs on tight turns I probably did not turn that tight.

I know this topic gets beat to death, but if I had an answer I would not be asking. Any one have any ideas?? The FJ 60 has 2.5" add-a-leafs (per PO), which I hate. Could the leaf springs be shifting under the torque of 4lo and making the noise?? I'd like to hear some opinions b-4 I order another gasket/seal kit and tear into the driver's side this weekend.
hhhhhmmmmmm......spring shift is a common occurrence, I know mine move all over the place.

If you've recently done the service, the gaskets should just come loose, no need to replace.

Did you jack up that side and try to duplicate it by hand?
Thanks for the reply. As I "slept on it" last night I thought about jacking up the driver's side and trying to manipulate the clicking by hand. With the hubs locked and in 4lo, would I have to jack up the whole axle or just the DS(open diff) to turn the wheel??
I'll try that some time today and see if I can pinpoint the problem.

I work for a flatbed trucking comapny and we have a 3 bay full service semi-truck/trailer shop. Since I worked in the shop for 4+ years I have a good relationship with our mechanics. One of whom can rebuild about anything from a Detroit Series 60 motor to a Cat Dozier. This guy is GOOD. I'll run the symptoms by them and see where we get.
BTW, this guy had never looked at LC's until he saw my FJ60. He was amazed at the high quality and heavy duty engineering incorporated in Land Cruisers. His exact words were "these things were built right". He always thought Cruisers were out of his $$$ range, but I told him what I paid for mine and he was greatly surprised. I'm slowly converitng him into a CruiserHead!! :D :D
hehehe...sounds like a good guy to know!

yeah, one side outta be fine with an open front diff.
Hey Woody,
I know this is not the right forum or thread, but since I started it I guess it is allright to Hi-jack it, Right?? At work, where I am at now, it takes a good 10-20 seconds or more to go from page to page. I know this was discussed earlier, but have you gotten any body fired over it yet??
When at home I can jump page to page with great speed for the first 10 minutes, then after that it slows down like at work. Both places work with high speed cable modems. Anyone else still having trouble?

Just thought I'd run it by you. Thanks for what you have put together here. This is a great board and I know I (and my Cruisers) have benefited tremendously from it.
Keep up the great work Woody!
I haven't had anyone comment on problems, I know things were slow on occasion last week, but my speeds have been no problem.

I am exploring software changes for the new year....this forum software is no longer supported, so I'll either update to what they renamed it to or purchase something...

Are you a PBB regular? curious if you have the same issues over there too... (pirate4x4.com/forum)
I am not a regualr PBB user and rarely ever venture over to POR. This is the only forum that I follow on a consistant basis. My problems are only minor and not a big deal, just aggravating at times. What can I say, it's raining here in Alabama on a Wednesday and I had to have something to GRIPE about. BTW, it was ironic (especially last week) that a Land Cruiser board was working rather slugishly. Almost like this board is powered by a 3FE at times. hehehe Atleast it will run forever!!!

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