Possible error 25 fix

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Feb 1, 2008
Burbank, CA
Hey Guys,

Im getting error 25 on and off now, so i decided to check the O2 sensors. The smog check dude did not smog the car with the CEL on.

Take a look at the pic, it shows the white wire striped and exposed. Do you guys think this is the reason for the CEL25.

It sucks because thats the harness side that goes up into the computer and not the O2 sensor side. Should i replace the whole harness or just patch the white wire by skipping the connectors using crimp style connectors ?

If thats the case, how would i fix it. Looks like whoever changed or played with the wire got rod of the clip that hold the harness into that metal bracket. Ill probably zip tie once I repair the wire.

Thanks much,


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