Porter Cable - 12 hour wax and detail

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Dec 20, 2014
Wilmington, NC
For those of you who are obsessive - like myself, and are willing to put in the time, you can make your LC look better than new.

So after finally receiving my new car (2008 w/ 102k miles and shipped in from Cali last week), I went to work. Steps involved a pressure wash to remove dirt from the undercarriage, wash with dish soap to get any dirt and wax off the paint, clay bar, compound, cleaner wax and a final polishing wax with the Porter Cable (awesome machine - doesn't allow you to burn through the paint's clear coat) the truck looks amazing. Pulled almost all scratches and swirl marks out of an 8 year old truck. This thing looks better than my wife's 2014 LC!

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What wheels are those? Making me rethink the TRD Pros (I have same color truck).

LX570 wheels - powder coated black.
Looks great
What did you use for a cleaner wax and a final polishing compound?

Now you're asking me to give away my secrets!

1.) Maguires Ultimate Compound
2.) XMT Series Fine Swirl Remover
3.) Collinite Insulator Wax

I need to do mine real bad. Looks like someone took a rake down both sides of it.
Lol I plan on handing down when the time comes. I just need to take the day to do it.
Best $150 I've ever spent. Great machine to have in the arsenal, and makes things so much easier.
Long time 5" Porter Cable owner - was pretty good . Recently retired it to use with 3" Chemical Guys sponge pad (Amazon)
for tight spots....still good.

Tried a Griot's "BOSS" 5" G15 long throw random orbit on a package deal they have w/polishes,
many different pads , full system etc etc. Very happy.


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