POR-15 Metal ready leaves dusty residue

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Apr 17, 2003
Jacksonville, FL
I know if phosphates the metal, and leaves a phosphate coating to help protect. Everytime I use it it leaves a brown dust on the metal no matter how much I rinse it off (if I rub my finger on the metal I'll get brown dust on my finger). I use compressed air to blow it off and/or tack rags but it just doesn't seem right that if any is left I'm basically painting over a dust that isn't adheren't to the metal.

Used to leave BIG splotches of dust, but reading directions more closely I think that was areas where it bubbled up, so I knock them down with a paintbrush and it helps with the bigger collections.

I just feel like I need to wash it off before painting....
E-mailed POR15 about it a few years ago and they said basically "Don't worry about it", but I'd like to know if there is something I can do different.

I know POR-15 is a PITA to use for these reasons (the prep), but I have a good bit of it and I think it works well, so hold off on your needs to say I should use "ZeroRust" or some other product :cool:

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