Pics of my 4 day build moab truck.

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Mar 20, 2006
elkcreek canyon colorado
I bought this 1985 straight low rust truck last weekend as a BASKET CASE to take to moab at the end of the month since my 40 wont be ready. It was ALL stock and needed some serious interior, mech. susp. work. I did a new seat, door panels, dash, windshield, cap, rorotor, plugs wires, batt. oil change, timming chain, cover, water pump, valve adj., 3" lift, 17's with 315's and rubbed out all the chaulky original paint. Not bad looking for a 4 day budget build, now its time to :steer: to MOAB! It will be for sale the first week of may.
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:clap: More pics
15's are a thing of the past, but still cool in the east, like mullets:D all kidding aside 17's are avail in way thicker sidewalls usually, but I would rather them be black than bling. but for $150 for all 4? who cares!
out of curiosity what lift is that? Are you keeping stock steering? How much? Price based on what you mess up? It looks really clean!
Soooo? Wanted to know if you sustained any damage especially the back end!?

I didn't make it this year, but next year for sure!!!


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