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Apr 16, 2006
Cardiff BTS & Tahoe
Local test only station has been testing my 80 for many years. Smog now requires additional tests (at least since my last test 2-years ago) on older vehicles and takes a long time. Included full test of evap system, egr, timing, very through visual (above and the underside) and lots of waiting while the shop computer communicates with Sacramento. I brought all my past test reports dating to 2002 so shop realizes I'm a good customer and not a test mole and passed with great results (even tho egr does not work and no pair valve). Good for another 2 years... :)
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Reminds me that I'm probably due this year too and should be seeing that notice in the mail shortly with an August purchase '94.
just did mine a couple months ago. Flew right thru the test.......
awd do not run on the dyno so there is no way to test it actually operating. also mine is a '94 which is obd 1 so i don't think it is possible to verify operation thru the vehicle computer. smog shop says they test it but i think it is just a visual because i know it is not working.
Agreed on the EGR for a '94. They do a visual to see if the valve is there on the engine and that's it. If it was enough of an issue to cause emmissions to be above limits, then that's another story.

Reminds me that I'm probably due this year too and should be seeing that notice in the mail shortly with an August purchase '94.

Damn. Called this one. Notice arrived in the mail today. Star station only.

How are they now different than the test only stations I used to be relegated to? Notice only says test and repair for a Star station. I read that as a rip me off station.
just did my 96.
for EGR function they open the diaphragm with a hand vacuum pump and it is supposed to die at idle.
mine passed great at about 10% of allowable
i noticed a large improvement in passing numbers after I changed out the charcoal cannister.
it has a blue zip tie, so at least another 2 HP I bet.
Passed with flying colors too! The little test only station I've been going to for years isn't star certified right now. He said in about six weeks. Stopped by another test place in Aliso Viejo. He had a few waiting but asked what I had. Told him a '94 Landcruiser and before I got the entire phrase out he blurted no time for that this afternoon and asked if I had my original cats! He was fishing for a reason not to test or fail me I think. Was there with my daughters car last year. I think he just wants the easy plug it in 2000 models and newer tests. Couple other places near home were either booked or didn't have any nitrogen to do the evaporate test! Fingers on the internet found me a small little shop in Dana Point. Nice old vet runs the place. Will support him in the future if my original place doesn't get star certified

Now to go pull last test to compare numbers.
Brentbba: I'm in Dana Point and looking for smog guy. Can you pass the name my way?
Performance Haus on PCH in north Dana Point. $12 coupon on their website. That'll take total cost including the state fee to $60. Not the cheapest around but a small local shop.

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