Parts discount in C/S?

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Feb 25, 2007
Colorado m'fing Springs!
Does anyone in town give us a good discount, oem and others?

Right now im missing 28% off i had back in tx :crybaby:
Mention TLCA at the parts counter at the local toyota dealerships and they'll give you a discount. Never asked me for my card - which is good since I don't know where it is!
You can still use Cdan at American toyota, more of a discount.
You can still use Cdan at American toyota, more of a discount.

Actually, for some stuff that I've seen Dan's prices on and then got locally, I think the TLCA discount is about the same and no shipping. But if you need somebody that really know what he's talking about and exactly what you need for a job, then he's the guy to call.
Interesting, I've never had that experience, not even close. Did you ask CDand for the MUD discount? :idea: Just kidding. Don't know? That's odd.

CDan is the Land Cruiser encyclopedia, talking to him has saved me $$.
Yah i asked the guy at the one in motor city for discount and he gave me a pretty good one. Not sure how much but it was helpful. Dont know how or why but my old guy would give me a HUGE discount, guess he thought i was cute
FYI: Just got back from the L.H. Miller up here off Woodman and mentioned that I was a TLCA member and got 20% off.

The clerk says just mention that your a TLCA member and you should get the 20% off any purchase (if not, they're probably a newbie, have to check with the manager).

I don't know how 20% compares with the discounts you can get on the mud (cdan, beno, stewart) but I was sure happy with it.


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