Parting out 89 fj-62

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Apr 13, 2008
United States
I will be parting it out in the next couple of weeks.
It has no motor or rad. but most everything else is there.
Let me know what you need.

I am interested in the rear shoulder seat belts with buckles if the interior is grey. How is the condition of the rear interior panels in the cargo area? And what about the power switches and motors for the locks/windows..Please let me know. Thank you for your time!

One more thing, how about the antenna and motor? Pics would be great of this and the all mentioned about. Thanks again.

fj62 parts

I need the drivers side front bumper end cape.

Grab bar over the glove box.
gas pedal cable, the cable from the dash to the gas pedal.
The power door mirrors.
front fender marker lights.
Jack tools and jack.
transfer case vacuum switchs mounted on the fire wall next to the wiper motor.
Might me interested in the grill and headlight trim.
Dome lights front and back .
I'm sure i will think of more.
Please give me prices for each part.

Thank you
Did the rear heater work before you pulled the motor? Mine is all clogged up. I'd be interested in the rear heater.
Also the master switch form the driver door if the interior is gray. What is the condition of the driver seat belt? Particularly the receiver side next to the console.
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Interested in rear liftgate - what condition/ color?
If the interior is grey I'd be interested in the carpet that goes on the tailgate, the boot for the parking brake and the front hub caps.
If possible can you send me a pic, or two, of these items and your price.
Wayne, Looking for the master window control panel on driver's door. Your's still available? Doesn't matter what color. Thanks, Melinda
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I'd be interested in the rear sway bar and the mirrors. PM with a price.
I've got first dibs on the master switch (if it's gray), but I've got a working brown switch that I'll have available if Wayne's is working.
Do you have any idea if the brake master cylinder is in good working order? How much would you want for it shipped to 30062?
mkaustin I think I have the first dibs on the switches if they are grey and available....since u r calling it out ;)
Missed that in your post. Sorry. Didn't read it as you wanting ALL the switches. I read it as just the rear door panels. :eek:

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