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Jan 21, 2007
Stafford VA
Parting out 1987 Tan FJ-60 (brn/tan interior) - Stafford VA

Had to put the old 60 down, help it live on as an organ donor.

Body available - I need this FJ60 body out of my driveway (please help preserve my happy marriage). We are pulling this off the frame soon. Let me know if anybody wants it, or pieces of it (A/B pillar, bed, firewall, glass). If there is no interest, it's going to the scrap yard. The rear quarters are trash, but I'll post pics of two clean ones I have upon request.

Photos Here

Body panels available including:
Hood $75 (no dents/no rust),
Front bib/grill parts (make your 62 look like a 60!) asking $100 for bib (radiator support), headlights, and headlight doors.
Rear lift $150 (one dent, some rust bubbles), upper half shocks $15,
Rear tail gate $200 replaced light assembly before motor blew and has been stored since, in good condition (no dents, no rust).
Drivers front quarter (with inner fender well), $100, no dents, just a little rust repair required.
Passenger front quarter (with inner fender well) $25 or free with any other purchase, dented at the bottom, some rust.
Rear quarters (driver and pass) purchased to make repairs (not pictured) - these are clean and I paid $300 each for them.

Preferred pick up only on these big parts, otherwise it's mudship or buyer pays freight. pretty soon I'll add them to craig's list/ebay, then to the scrap yard if no offers received.

I have lots of other interior parts/panels, including rear seat lap and shoulder belts, so ask if you are looking for something. Just ask if you want pics of anything listed (adding them when I can). Prices do not include shipping.

Door Panels - $25 ($75 for full set)
Sun visors - $10
Rear Cargo windows - $15
Arm rests

All proceeds go to the father/son FJ40 build.

No mechanicals (engine/tranny/suspension) for sale at this time (wait to see what is left over from the FJ40 build). I need to get rid of the 60 body first!

Don C.
Stafford, VA


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Jan 21, 2007
Stafford VA
Still got the rear lift? Any pics?
Yes, I have both the upper and lower, they are in good shape, no rust, no dents. Light assembly is almost new. I will get pics posted NLT Wednesday (full day today). The only piece I do not have is the bezel from around the lock.
Oct 23, 2010
Prescott, Az
Interested in the b pillar seatbelt covers if in decent shape and the headliner price + shipping to 86314? Also could I see some pics?


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