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Feb 25, 2009
Richmond, VA
Anyone ever paint the satin black trim areas around the windows a different color?
mine need repainting bad, but I do think I can see them any other color than black...
I did find pics of overseas 80's and some of them were painted factory colors around the window areas
go figure
I went through the 80 series registry and found some pics
It looks beautiful! A totally updated look. I actually can't stand the black paint around my windows now. I definetely plan on doing this to mine! Gonna paint all the black around the windows to match my white body paint and loose the fender flares. It makes the 80's look like they were made in the 21st century. Just look below, It looks like an SUV you could just as easilly see on the showroom floor today as back then!
WHat I want mine to look like.JPG

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