Paint help and ideas

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Apr 3, 2010
Los Angeles, CA
Rattle can help and ideas

As you can see my paint is very weathered. At least 3 different paints jobs here. Original again. The rig had been sitting out in the So Cal sun for quite awhile with no care. I am thinking of a spray can job because im on a budget and dont have a garage. I work on my rig in the garage of my apartment building. Im pretty sure I want to go with a flat paint like Rustoleum or Duplicolor Camo paint. My questions are:

1. Just sand or strip?
2. Primer?
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Rustoleum provides no UV protection so you will be back to faded in that harsh sun in no time.
If you go to all the trouble of stripping, do it right and get some quality paint.
It appears stripping would be good as I see multiple coats/colors on there already - Uunless it is just a beater trail rig you want to be all one color.
Well its def not a restoration job at all. Def more daily driver/trail rig. Thats why I was thinking flat rattle can job. If I go that route should I still strip? If i dont strip...sand and prime? I would like to give it a better paint job but I dont even have a garage to work in.
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