Ford P2135 code on a 06 E350 van

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Jul 14, 2003
Hopewell NJ 08525
My O6 Ford E350 with a V10 and quigley 4x4 conversion . I bought it new in mid 07 when they fire sale it off the lot as they got the new 08 in. I have 24K on it and I noticed the a couple of months ago that the cruise wasn't working but I don't use it so no biggie .
I tried about a week ago and it worked fine . but 2 days later the "wrench" light came on . I turned the van off and when I restarted it the light was off but the cruise didnt work again.
The light came on again and now seems to be staying on now and I was able to pull a P2135 code .
I was wondering if anyone has any idea where to start as I dont want to just toss money at TPS sensors it if I can get taken care of under the dealer if its a known problem


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