P/S fluid resevoir overflow

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Mar 16, 2003
I'm perplexed...79 FJ40 w/ OEM P/S previously been working fine. Took it out of the garage and let it idle in the driveway. A few minutes later I notice fluid under the vehicle. Investigate and discover it's P/S fluid. Open the hood and see fluid seeping out the top of the P/S resevoir cap. I don't believe it was overfilled when I serviced it. Any ideas? All system lines and connections show no evidence of leaking.

I did take a bit of fluid out, wiped things down and no more overflow. After a test drive of 20 minutes, I ended up adding some fluid, doing another test drive and no overflow noted. P/S system works well before and after.

I'm thinking intermittent blockage - impending pump failure?

Let me hear what you think...


2nd the air in the lines. Also the fluid gets warm and will overflow if filled too high. Sounds like you have it under control now. I wouldn't worry about the pump unless you are hearing a whine or something out of the ordinary.
Thanks for the replies...

The thought never crossed my mind regarding air in the system...appreciate your thoughts!



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