Overland machine!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!

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Jun 17, 2008
On Dry Land
We were running by Wal-Mart before the Easter festivities began and this bad mama jamma was at the McD's!! This thing is off the meat rack sick!!! Even his jeep is hooked up with the over the cab business. Check out the recessed spare tire on the back!! WOWOWOWOW!!!!!!! Sorry about the pics being so dang big, figuring out the new camera and the program!!
parts 001.jpg
parts 002.jpg
Are you kidding me!? That is about 600,000 rolling down the road. . .

Why leave your EarthRoamer Jeep at home when you can tow it along with your EarthRoamer Ford?


No kidding. Drool....:cool:

His "other" car is a Prius......
What kind of cycle is that?

All he needs is an ultra light and a Zodiac to cover the rest of the transportation bases.
Looks like a BMW F650 GS

Good call, that's what it looks like to me. Dude got some serious cash rolling down the road.:cheers:

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