Ongoing service history thread

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Mar 17, 2010
I tried searching for this to no avail...

Has anyone kept track of all the service related items they have performed on their 80 in a thread? I want one real bad and I'd like to know what all is involved in keeping one in top shape. Thanks!

oh, I'm a n00b so I'll :flipoff2: myself
I've got a very detailed spreadsheet of what I've performed on mine. I can send it to you if you want to shoot me your e-mail address.

Carry on.
oh man that'd be awesome! my email is just my mud handle

Sent x2

Hope it's what you're looking for.

I started a paper log in '93 and it's stayed that way. Kinda nice to have it in the glovebox, where I can pull it out while waiting for the kids to hop in at school or the like to see what I should do in the near future. It's from Imparts and is a 3X8 book designed for this. 17 years of entries...

I just log in every time and input mine on the lexus owners website. That way whatever was previously done by PO's at the lexus dealership is also in the same location, as all service done by lexus is on the database. If I ever do decide to sell I can simply print out the entire service history for the next owner.

Since I am doing alot of stuff myself or at local mechanic shops - I go in and update with manual entries to keep it all together.

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