Old dog troubles.


Mar 4, 2018
Hanging out with the others... My only complaint is he barks the most, in his raspy old man voice.

So basically this dog hates cold weather. Probably because it hurts him, but I seriously have a new dog now that it's not dropping below 50 F. So weird.
May 25, 2017
Ontario, Canada
Aw Victor thank you for commenting, having a professional chime in is comforting.

So I've been back to the vet with him. We've been having "the talk". I've been counting the good days over the bad days, mobility, interest in life's joys like food and other - and really ignoring the growling. It seems like with spring and warmer weather he has perked up! But we also see signs of renal failure, weight loss, pain, dementia.

Sigh. Each week I say "this is it" and each week he goes "but wait, look, I'm happy and kinda comfy again..."

I love him more than I even realized. This is a hard one. But right now he's snorting at me from his comfy crate because I had to drag him outside to pee this AM.
It's a really tough decision. Even though putting him down could be the nicest thing you do for him when it comes time, there always seems to be doubt. I just hope he makes it really obvious when it's time so you have no doubt. I hope you get more good memories with him though!
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