Ok i think i got all you biatches beat!

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Mar 5, 2008
well.. my old man does, anyways..

He's replacing the alternator on his 1997 t100.

I told him to file a complaint with Toyota.. he only got 360,000 miles out of it!:lol:

His tranny finally had to be opened at 340,000.

Motor is still original rings/seals. doesn't have the power it used to, but wtf...
its totally stock, not sure what motor it has... V6 is all i know..
My old '91 22RE (4 cyl.) had 245k on it when I sold it and it ran like a top. Too bad the guy I sold it to's wife totaled it out. My old Toy dealer's parts guy had a 4Runner with 450k on his 22RE. No motor or tranny replacements in it at the time either.

Yea, they will run for a bit.

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