For Sale Offloading 80 series parts - OEM (New/Used), Slee, Wits End, ect

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Dec 27, 2018
Auburn Alabama
United States
Got a bunch of parts taking up space. If you buy more than one item I’ll cut a discount (All prices OBO). All prices include priority mail shipping to all 50 states.

- 95-97 Water Hard line (Used in 93-94 trucks for PAIR delete) - $50
- 95-97 Throttle Cable Stay (Used in 93-94 trucks for PAIR delete) - $25
- (SOLD) Wits End Axle Socket/Hub Tool (Works for front & rear axle) - $40 (SOLD)
- (SOLD) Wits End Transmission Drain/Fill Allen Bolts w/ Washers - $10 (SOLD)
- (SOLD) New Toyota OEM Vacuum Lines (6) - $20 (SOLD)
- (SOLD) Slee Front Sway Bar Drop Brackets - $40 (SOLD)
- (SOLD) CruiserOutfitters rear ebrake rebuild kit - $30 (SOLD)

- Relabeled Curved Rear Defrost Switch w/ Pigtail - $30 each (ONE SOLD)
- Relabeled Flat Rear Defrost Switch w/ Pigtail - $30 each (2nd from bottom left SOLD)
Relabeled 95-97 Antenna Switch w/ Pigtail - $30 each
- Rear Heater Switch w/ Pigtail - $25
- Toyota Security Light w/ Pigtail - $15
- Toyota (Camry?) Factory Heated Switch (Left & Right Controls) w/ Pigtail - $50
- ABS Relay Module - $20
- 3D Printed 3x 52mm Gauge Single Din Bracket - $20- 3rd Row Seat floor stays w/ Hardware - $20

I know theres a lot - happy to send individual pictures of specific items just let me know.


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I'll take the vacuum lines.. About to PM you
What's up with the large gauge wire?
What's up with the large gauge wire?
It was used for a rear winch application - its for sale if you’re interested (2/0 sgx cable). DM me
I’ll take the 2 curved 93-94 switches. PM’d

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