For Sale OEM 6.0 Vortec Wiring Harness DBW & 4l60E/4l65E (1 Viewer)

Apr 20, 2017
CHarlotte, NC
Started to rework the harness for my FJ40 build But came into a deal on a completed stand-alone I couldn’t pass up. unused plugs have been removed and one of the connectors has had the whites removed and labeled per instructions on Harness is out of a 2006 drive by wire Escalade, with a 4l60e Trans. Will include the printed instruction packet, but all and additional Info is readily available on above referenced site.

$150 includes UPS domestic shipping. Thanks!View attachment 2435117View attachment 2435118View attachment 2435119View attachment 2435120View attachment 2435119View attachment 2435118View attachment 2435117View attachment 2435116View attachment 2435118View attachment 2435120

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