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Driving from the 2nd row
Jul 14, 2013
Flagstaff, AZ
Pics from the Casner Trail




Nov 4, 2009
Paradise Valley, AZ
Author: @brices123

Date: October 14-16, 2016

Destination: Coconino Forest, "End of the World" camp site, FS 9011R, via Casner Mountain trail

Trip Leader: @Pitch (via proxy)

Attendees: 10 trucks did the run, 16 trucks made it for camping.

Run: @Saddletramp (with @hADAMonkeyonce ), @murf (with @Mattman & Emily), @LandCruiserPhil l (with @Cruddz ), @ftbshop , @Chrismanjs (with @Pitch ), @Funner, @LongDuck, @Abigail (& Chance), @Nifski, @Clunky

Campers: @Saddletramp, @murf, @LandCruiserPhil, @ftbshop, @Chrismanjs, @Pitch, @Funner, @LongDuck, @Abigail , @brices123, @aztlctina, @Mattman, @Cruddz, @jclarke450, @hADAMonkeyonce, @yjeff

There was a total of 27 people, and five dogs who camped at least one night.

Trucks in attendance:

One 45 – white, one 60 – white, one 4Runner (3rd gen) – black, one 4Runner (5th gen) – white, five 80’s – white, one 80 – maroon, one 80 – Moon Beam, one Lexus 470 – gray, one 100 – gold, one 100 – Silver Cloud, two 200’s - white

Trail Rating: I would say the trail is stocker friendly. I ran it in 2015 with a stock 100 pulling at 1,500-pound trailer.

I arrived early Friday morning to secure the camping sport. @murf and @LandCruiserPhil showed up in the afternoon after they drove through Sedona and then took a “scenic” route around the detour. @aztlctina, showed up in the early afternoon with three of our four girls and one dog. @Saddletramp, @Cruddz, @Chrismanjs, @hADAMonkeyonce arrived around 7:30 to camp, and @Mattman and his daughter (Emily) showed up about 10:45PM.

On Saturday, most people left camp around 7:15 to go meet up with the rest of the group at the Sedona Safeway. @aztlctina took the kids and dog home around noon, while I explored the various Forest Service roads on top of the rim. I discovered a “creepy cabin” and some other great camping spots for future years. @Pitch wife had already set up their camp site for them, and the Clarke family @jclarke450 & @Cruzrmama arrived with Taylor and Mekenna to set up camp. The group that went on the run, minus @Nifski and @Clunky who went home, arrived back at camp around 3:00. @LandCruiserPhil and @Funner did some further exploring and went to the fire lookout tower above the Casner trail.

We had a great pot luck dinner thanks mostly to @hADAMonkeyonce, who grilled tons of chicken and carne asada for street tacos. @Abigail made cobbler, but it must have been so good, she kept it all to herself.

@yjeff and Monica arrived after dinner for a night of camping.

Lots of talk around the campfire, thank you to @Abigail for getting it going! The tequila and FireBall were passed around, as were Linda’s very yummy pumpkin scones. @Chrismanjs broke out the ice cream, and I passed around cookies that @aztlctina had made. I played DJ for an hour or so, but turned in after I “Rickrolled” everyone with Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

On Sunday, some people left early to get home, while most of us left camp around 10:30. One group headed straight back to the Valley, while others stayed up on the Rim and explored more Forest Service roads. They made a trip to the “creepy cabin”, which I am sure was not as creepy as I made it sound.

I had a great time, and hope others did as well. Thank you to everyone who helped me out with this run, especially @Pitch.

P.S We had two dead batteries (both of which were brought back to life) and two lost sets of keys (both of which were found in their correct places!)
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Nov 8, 2015
Casa Grande, AZ 85122
Good times! Like there's any other kind with CSCers :D
Thanks for the planning/organizing, @brices123 ! We love that spot.
@hADAMonkeyonce , dinner was a hit with my family. Taylor said, "My taco sandwich is the perfect combination of meat, onions, salsa, and cilantro. So good! Can I get more?":clap: (yes, he made a taco sandwich )
@Saddletramp , Makenna is still entertaining herself with Wooly Willy. Thanks! And now I have to brush up on my Jacks skills.

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