Numbers for aiming headlights.

Sep 20, 2005
Boulder, CO
I don't think the headlights on my truck have been re-aimed since it was lifted. They don't put much light on the road. And driving in snow over the weekend with lowbeams was similar to what I have experienced with high beams in snow in other cars, it was nearly impossible to see anything.

I found threads about the adjusters in the archives. However, I have not found anything about what distance from a wall I should park the truck, and how much drop I should be looking for. Anyone have these?


Where's My Hammer?
Oct 7, 2008
at 25 feet you should aim the cutoff at 2.1 DOT under the red line and 3" for ECE. ECE has the highest drop at 3" @ 25ft.

to put it simple, forevery 25ft you need a 2.1" drop to comply with DOT standards. Measure your headlight height (varies per car). Take that number and substract 2.1" and adjust your cutoff to sit 2.1" below your headlights at 25' 4.2" drop at 50ft and so on. Your "step" should be the same distance apart on the wall as they are on the car. Make sure you mark the before adjustment on the wall with tape.


Daniel Stern has a great guide to aiming headlights.
Jun 6, 2011
FSM says to park approximately 10 ft from a vertical wall - match your high beam light on the wall to the actual height of high beams on the LC. Low beams should be about 1" below this measurement. I just did this a couple of weeks ago.

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