NP241 and NP203

Jan 2, 2003
Park City, Utah
Not cruiser stuff but someone might be interested...

NP 241, Dodge 23 spline passenger side drop. Great working shape, recently rebuilt with new chain, etc. 2.72 low range. $250 OBO. Bolts behind Dodge 23 spline NV4500, Jeep 23 spline etc. WIlling to shipo for $50.
This is in my cruiser right now and is a great t-case. I scored a Dana 300 and can get 4:1 gears into it so this one has to go I guess...

NP203 out of '76 blazer, 27 spline. Good shape and complete. Heavy, willing to ship but it will cost you a pretty penny I bet unless we forward air. $100 OBO. I am in Utah...


May 22, 2003
d300??? you will have more in 4 to 1 and upgraded shafts, then doing a 203-205 doubler.

you have to room.

FOR sale thread yes i know, TTT for you.
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