SOLD North Las Vegas, NV: 1978 FJ40

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Vehicle Model
  1. 40 Series
United States
Note: Being colorblind, I fought a losing battle with the color selector, above the line, above. She is DUNE BEIGE (416)

For Sale: 1978 FJ40 Federal Spec FJ40 - DeSmogged

Cons: DeSmogged, No Heaters, No Jump Seats


Matching numbers​
All electrical modifications fully documented​
Fuel system redesigned, using dual electric fuel pumps. All fully documented.​

Mileage: 105323​
Engine: Original 2F; Rebuilt in 2015, at 95,814 miles.​
Original 4spd and TCase​
Asking Price: $24,000 USD​


It is with almost debilitating sadness that I find myself offering my beloved friend, confidant and cherished FJ40 for sale. It's been a remarkable 6 years of true retirement adventure. Unfortunately, my declining physical ability has caught up with my advancing age and I'm no longer able to exercise 44 properly. A mere two hours of driving or wrenching enjoyment now sends me to bed for two days.

When I purchased "44", out of North Dallas, for our 44th wedding anniversary, in 2014, I intended to die with her. I knew she was not emissions legal, but I also knew I didn't care. 5000 miles/year is plenty in Vegas, it's too hot to enjoy her, for almost half the year and 5000 miles would accommodate a lot of driving, to anywhere in NV.

My constant companions (my dogs) and I have driven and camped in most areas of NV, in 109* heat, 5* cold, thunderstorms, snow and ghiblis that took me back to 1968 Libya. We probably slept in 44 (sans passenger seat) more nights than we ever spent in a tent.

It's been great, the most fun I've ever had... the Solitude of "The Big Empty", of knowing we could always be alone, together, in the deepest of dark nights, in a silence so quiet that you can actually hear yourself think. It's been invigorating to know that we've been places that few have ever seen, seen things in places that few have ever been and found Solace in the Solitude of sharing nature with only each other and knowing that we, alone, have the full attention of every species of wildlife in the area.

But, regrettably, I've outlived my 44 era and need to find her a good home... hopefully with someone who shares my passion for remote places and fading tracks.

Since I bought 44, with the intent to use her to her fullest abilities, I made changes to her that some will find distasteful, others... we'll see.

I already mentioned that she has no emissions equipment: I retained everything that I removed. There was no EGR subsystem and still isn't. Background: 44 needed a lot of heavy petting early on. Compression registered about 105-110 across the cylinders. It was a struggle to get to 55 mph, on the freeway. Come to think of it, it was about this time that I started receiving frequent mailers from The Neptune Society, offering early cremation specials... I was sorely tempted at times! o_O

Heaters weren't well, but who needs them in NV... Jump seats took up badly needed storage space in 44. Moved them to storage room, 4 years later, I gave heaters, blower and all associated parts away. I either gave the jump seats away or sold them.

Fixed death wobble and had steering gearbox rebuilt and bought a rebuilt power steering pump. Replaced tie rod, relay rod, TREs, shocks, stabilizer and probably more. Replaced steering wheel with an FJ80 wheel...much more comfortable. Steer like bull now! :rolleyes:

Flushed brakes, flushed coolant, flushed clutch, replaced clutch slave cylinder, adjusted brakes. Stop like dime now! :rolleyes:

Had 2F rebuilt: bored, decked, crank turned, new cam, new pistons and rings, head magnafluxed, valves adjusted. Run smooth, like tractor now! :rolleyes:

New exhaust. Quiet like FJ40 now! :rolleyes:

Took Mark (Marksofffoad) cruising, he said he could performance-tune the Aisin carb to make 44 run like an SBC. Bought a 2nd '78 carb from a MUDder and sent it to Burbank, to the MarksOffRoad Spa and had it rebuilt and performance-tuned. Mark's veracity was astounding! 44 run fast like pronghorn, smooth like butter, strong like bull elephant! :rolleyes:

Found major vacuum leak in Dissy advance module, replaced dissy, coil and igniter with vacuum advance DUI. Icing on the hood! :D

44 now most powerful beast she can be, with 2F, 4.11 gears and 31x10.5R15 KM2s. She's passed everything from gutless garbage 14-wheelers, cruising at 20mph, to a couple of 18-wheelers, doing 70 mph. I took her up to 85 once because I saw an idiot pull out far ahead. Who's the idiot now?!? :oops:

I've typically driven her at 60-65 mph, since the rebuild... too much beauty around to miss it! But, once in a while, I simply can't restrain her.

This is your chance to start your own adventure, where my THREAD leaves off!!

Remember, if you "put away childish things" and BUY 44, you'll quickly learn, "the road goes on forever and the party never ends"!! :cool:

I've added the following:

Auxiliary Gas Tank
Dual Electric Fuel Pumps
Dual Gas Gauges
Fuel Pressure Gauge
Vacuum Gauge
USB & Cigarette Sockets & Voltmeter

Since I bought her in 2/2014, I’ve replaced:

Radiator (new)​
Water Pump (new)
Fan (new)
Battery (new)
FJ60 power steering pump (rebuilt)
Rebuilt the Steering Gearbox
FJ60 Alternator (rebuilt)
FJ60 Gear Reduction Starter
Voltage Regulator (new)

DUI (replaced distributor, coil and igniter)
Bilstein Shocks all around
Tie & Relay Rod and TREs
BOSS Air Bags in the rear
Side mirrors (new)
FJ80 Steering Wheel

New exhaust, using same headers, during engine rebuild (Aug, 2015)
Had MarksOffRoad rebuild and performance tune the oem Aisin carb.
Has locking FJMount for Hi-Lift Jack

Has locking ammo can for tools on front bumper.
Has ConFer Roof Rack, wooden parts box and a PVC “bazooka” on each side of the rack, for carrying tent poles, etc.
The price includes all the FJ40 part & fluids I have, including:
oem starter,
Oem fuel pump,
oem alternator,
second rebuilt oem Aisin carb,
emissions parts (no EGR: wasn’t in truck)
spare Warn hub,
54mm deep socket ( for knuckles), various coils of various sizes of hose,
pair of new front turn signals/marker lights,
several new fan belts.
Spare pollak 6-port Switch, OPSS, DPDT​
New wiper blades​
New clutch slave cylinder​

Also (All unused, most unopened):
5 qts of 85-140wt gear oil,
2 gals 80-90 gear oil,
5.5 qts 15w40 motor oil,
2 gals Prestone Prediluted 50/50 Antifreeze.
I will also throw in a couple of other items I can’t use with 44 gone:
FJ40 Service Manuals (3) : Engine, Body and Emissions: They are used, but still perfectly usable.
If you plan to air down your tires, for rough or sandy/muddy conditions, I bought a setup that allows you to air all four tires, simultaneously, off a compressor, using a single gauge. Once it reads the desired psi, you shutdown the compressor, close a valve and disconnect from all four tires and your good to go. It’s very handy. It’s designed for a 40. The hoses are not long enough for my Tundra. Comes in a pizza shaped SnapOn bag.

There are pictures here --> “44” 1978 FJ40 - Google Drive
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Remember, if you "put away childish things" and BUY 44, you'll quickly learn, "the road goes on forever and the party never ends"!! :cool:

Two classic songs right there Danny, the road does go on forever, and the party never ends.
Two classic songs right there Danny, the road does go on forever, and the party never ends.

Yeah, heathen atheist that I am, I know that McMurty plagiarized “put away childish things” from the Bible. But, to be fair, I enjoyed his use of it A lot better than the Corinthians 13:11 use. There I go... quoting from The Good Book. There goes my reputation.

Robert Earl wrote that “Mom got drunk and Dad got drunk at our Christmas party” song about my formative years. So, I’ve always listened to it when I was having too good of a day.
Gone already? Hopefully to a Mud member.

If your passenger seat sleeper set-up didn’t sell with it I know a 40 that could get some use out of it ...;)
Yep, new MUD member. He’ll pick her up Thursday.

My sleeper setup is nothing fancy... it’s just:
  1. remove passenger seat back
  2. Cut and fasten a piece of plywood, attach it vertically to the passenger seat frame. It should be high enough to provide your preferred cant to the head of your bed.
  3. Cut a piece of plywood at whatever width will fit between any center console and the passenger door. Min was tapered you allow the door to close and allow access to the tcase shifter.
  4. Note: I already had a plywood platform that spanned the rear fender wells. I simply laid ether plywood, from the glovebox to about 2-3’ from the back door frame.
  5. Using two screws, attach a 1’ 1&1” wooden cleat to the rear platform, to point recent the bed platform plywood from sliding to the rear.
  6. Using two screws, attach a 1’ 1&1” wooden cleat to the bottom of the bed platform, to point
Note: I used an Exped MegaMat LW, on top of the platform and slept very well!!


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