North Carolina - Wanted Serious FJ80 Mechanic

Aug 9, 2005
Cary, NC
Had the inspection laws changed earlier, @NCFJ would have built me one by now. I went the 200 route instead b/c I couldn't find a 95 in good enough shape at the right price for what I wanted to do. GL, love the idea of LS3 80 series... or even better LT4 :eek: Ready to tackle one of those yet Stan?


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Jan 22, 2007
Chesnee, SC
@mtweller I've not had a call to do an LT4 at this point. Packaging would be my only concern, fitting exhaust manifolds and front drive components being the main focus. Past that, perhaps oil pan size and position related to drive shaft and steering components. I honestly have not researched it enough to speak with any sort of informed position.

That said, if someone is interested in taking the leap I am game if they are :)

Building some sort of, dare I say, other vehicle RestoMod with an LT4 also interests me as well. Know anyone looking to have a hot rod built?
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