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Mar 10, 2005
The National Off-Highway Conservation Council needs help. We need State Representatives in the following states:


I'm the state representative for CT. NOHVCC is reaching out to include all OHV use. They need us "full size" folks.

I recently attended their annual conference and I'm impressed with what they have accomplished.

Basically, if the OHV community joins together, we all get more opportunities to have fun.

Please check them out. If you can, volunteer.


This is a good organization and needs and deserves our support.
This would be interesting and a worth while venture and taking a quick peek at the website looks to be a well organized group. Is this an organization for just state parks or private parks as well? Maybe I am just reading this wrong and it’s for all OHV use in general.

This is just a side note, anyone in Illinois please correct me if I am mislead but aren’t there are no places in the state of Illinois that have any public land available for OHV use? I do remember when our current Governor moved into office that he expressed clearly that he would never endorse any current or future state park to be converted or designated for such use.:frown: He does however fully support the issuing of state grants to assist in funding private parks such as "The Cliffs".:D

With that said I do believe that a representative from our state would still be a good idea, but are you looking for people that would just represent state parks? I guess I should read a little more on the provided website. Thanks for the link.:cheers:
NOHVCC is for all OHV's. The idea is that together, we are a stronger political force and can accomplish more.

We know that here in CT, all state parks and forest will never see motorized recreation.

However, the state does own land that may be available. We have also formed a land trust to purchase land for OHV use.

We hope to open both state land and private land for public OHV use. NOHVCC will assist in the formation of organizations to accomplish this.

IL will receive over $1.9 million in RTP funds. How much of this will go for trails or to purchase land? It's your state, get involved.
I found the job description such as it is at
It really should have an estimate of minimum expected hours/week, days/year etc of volunteered time, and more clearly spell out responsibilities (attending annual meeting was all I saw?).
Hopefully you are posting this all over, not just here-- you'd be better served probably posting this on three rivers jeeps or some more mainstream (higher traffic) club website. I further suggest you get a rep near Chicago for highest density of clubs, and a rep near Springfield for the political connection.
Good luck, I just sent away for your free DVD on gps trail listing...
p.s. how is nohvcc being funded?

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