Nice four-row Radiator for sale

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Mar 2, 2003
Chattanooga, TN
United States
4 row brass/copper radiator, used - I have no idea of origin. Came out of my '70 FJ40 V8 conversion, and managed water temp nicely. No corroison, no leaks, and what I can see of the interior looks very good, and no damage to fins or connectors. Antifreeze came out VERY clean! There is some blue enamel overspray on the front, but it will come off easily with a little stripper.

Dimensions of the core are 17" high x 19 1/2" wide, with mounting holes on 21 1/2" centers. Asking $60 for the radiator, to include an aluminum transmission cooler, also serviceable; 5/16" hose inlet & outlet, 15 1/2" x 7 1/2".

I'm selling because I've acquired a radiator w/transmission cooler. I won't ship the radiator due the hassle, so please contact me only if you can retrieve in downtown Sacramento or El Dorado Hills, CA. Happy to email scans of radiator & cooler.

Thanks, Maintz

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