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Jan 13, 2007
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Who's ready for the 2018 racing season?

First off, a huge thanks to those who have already come forward with their support for the track in 2018. This includes:

· North Shore Off-Road (

· 4WD Association of BC (

We've also had some members step up to help out more formally for 2018

· Matt Nieman to assist in managing the new website (

· Rob Dufault - Stepping into the Vice President role, and taking on some of the track projects

Additionally, we also picked up some new gear for the season. Like a 40 ft sea can for storage, a set of 8 radios for track operations, a full set of flags and full set of vests for volunteers. Legendary contributing member Brent England also hooked us up with several high quality sandwich board style signs that we can use for advertising events around town, providing directions and providing information on the property itself.

We're going to need a solid volunteer base this year to operate these upcoming events. Please work your contacts and help us connect with those out there that can help out with things like scoring, flagging and pit control.

And if you haven't already checked out the website or the facebook page, here is our event schedule for 2018:

April 14 – Test ‘n Tune Track Day
May 05 – MORE Race Day
May 26/27 – Punisher 4×4 Event (2wd racing as well) - TENTATIVE
June 24 – MORE Race Day
Sept 29/30 – Punisher 4×4 Event (2wd racing as well)
Snowball TBD (winter fun event)

If you're building a race vehicle, now is the time to get on the facebook page and share what you're bringing out for the season. The current population of racers are bringing out Buggys (open 2wd, mid/rear engine class) Limited lite style mini trucks (2wd, stock suspension points, 3L engine or less) and OUTLAW trucks (run anything you want, as long as its safe).

You can also build to any of the Punisher 4x4 classes (Tech) and race in both our MORE events and the Punisher 4x4 events being held all over the west.

If you have any other technical questions, you can reach out to Mike Strange ( as a great experienced resource for building to classes and/or just general safety questions for building race vehicles.

Lastly, we're arranging a track work day for March 17th (Saturday). If you're interested in coming out to help, please shoot me a note at or reach out to any of the other exec members if you already know them. Here's the full contact list:

Ryan Adams -
Rob Duf -
Shelley Stewart -
Mike Strange -

Matt Nieman -

FACEBOOK: Merritt Off Road Racing Events (MORE) - Merritt, BC


Thanks again to everyone for their continued support. Looking forward to seeing everyone out racing this year!

Best Regards,

Ryan Adams

MORE - President


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Four Wheel Drive Association of British Columbia

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