Newnan GA Land Cruiser May 2nd Meetup


Oct 1, 2002
Newnan, GA

Great day yesterday thanks to Jack for organizing it!!

I counted nearly 30 trucks even though a bit of rain and cold conditions. Several people contacted me and said they forgot about it or failed to put the date on their calendar and wanted to know when the next one was. If there is interest I will take the lead on the next one. I think quarterly meetings of the unofficial "Pavement Pounders" with varied locations would be great.

I propose next one to be: May 2nd with a rain date of May 9th. I have a location in mind (HJ Wings & Things) in Sharpsburg/Newnan, GA. There is a large parking area where we could all park together, its just off I-85 south, great food. Another plus is if you want to bring children and they get bored there is a: Starlight Fund Center, in the same parking lot within walking distance.

Of course I will take Jack's lead of: If you drive a land cruiser first beer is on me.

To keep everyone up to date and to start an "unofficial" group please send me your name and email to:

Any ideas or suggestion appreciated!


Chris Wade

*** A special thanks to the Georgia Cruisers for allowing us to post our event on their site. It was good to see them yesterday at the event. MUD has now loaded a Clubhouse Category for us: GA Pavement Pounders.

** Also a thanks to @HENDOG for giving us a name.
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