Jan 5, 2003
Yup, I'm new to this thing called the fj40 so here goes a few questions.

1. I am considering buying a 1964 model from a local who is moving out of state and he is asking about $800.00 for the this an ok price?? (not too rusty, runs)

2. While looking at it (very quickly) I didn't notice any lever for shifting into 4wd. There was a lever on the dash but I don't know what it is used for and the man who is selling didn't know either. The only exprience I have was when I owned a 1980 Jeep CJ-7 (over 20+ years ago) and in that car there was a lever to change from 4 hi to 4 lo.

3. I am looking for a no nonsense basic 4wd drive vehcile that can take it without expensive repairs (ie cost of parts this year vs. another year of manufacture).

4. Any books that I could buy to "get up to speed' on this type of vehcile?

That is it for now....thanks in advance for your help.

Apr 29, 2002
that lever on the dash is probobly your 4wd, I am assusming it is a three speed, I guess 800 is ok, if there is a little rust, I again can only assume it a an f engine, if you just want something to bang around in it should be fine.
Oct 18, 2002
Check out the cruiser facts and the technical links at the top of the page...there should be a link to Rob Mullins FAQ...if you just want a 4wd truck to bomb around in then you may want to look for something newer..if you are considering a build up of a 40 then probably not a bad place to start if its all there and in good condition..but it is not cheap anyway you go...

Stew(to much mulla in the cruiser and not enough in the house fund...oh well i will just live in the cruiser :D :D)
Jan 6, 2003
I'm pretty much in the same boat you're in. I'm looking at getting an FJ-40, but don't what to look for. So far, the best book I've seen out there is the Land Cruiser Bible, or something like that. Not much info on prices though, but I'll be buying it today if I can find it.

Does anyone have any tips for buying an older landcruiser? I'm leaning torwards a 76 or newer because of the disc brakes in the front and the different rear doors, but I'm willing to go through a brake conversion if I can find any FJ at a cheap price. Is there any model years I should avoid? Any common problems in the engine or drive trains of the older ones? So far, those are the only two reasons I could think of for getting that particular year, but I'd like to know if maybe I should look for an even newer model, or maybe those changes aren't all that great and I should consider older models as well. Please e-mail me if you have any information, I'd like to talk to some experts out there. Thanks

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