newbie questions

Jul 15, 2005
salt lake city, Utah
Hello, within the year I'll be buying a 1993 FJZ80 from my brother-in-law. right now it's got 212k miles. I know it's a toyota and it's just broken in, but I've thought about this for a while and have decided that I can either, rebuild/cleanup the stock inline 6, and add the TRD supercharger. (I've got a 1996 4runner with 35's and stuff, I've been pleased with my S/C so I know it would be great for the Cruiser) Then I've also wondered about a V8 swap, chevy, ford, Toyota Iforce V8. I thought I'd ask you guys to see what your thoughts are. Do you think a stock drivetrain could hold hold up with the power of a V8, 300hp+? obviously I'd make sure the tranny would be in tip top shape. Do any of you have any experiences with a V8 swapinto a FZJ80? if so do you have any engine recommendations, ford vs. chevy, etc... does anybody make a bellhousing for this??

eventually my plans would include your 6" lift kit, 37's, bumpers, aux tank, gearing, etc... I tow sleds in the wintertime and also go off into the mountains frequently.

I'd appreciate any advise or info that you could give me-
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