newbie prepurchase questions

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Feb 20, 2002
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Considering buying one of two FJ80s in my area

One has 122,000 and the other 164,000 miles.

Both seem to have been maintained very well, haven't seen the records yet.

My questions;

1)What really is high mileage for an FJ80? Can anyone comment on when I should expect to see major problems coming up?

2)What kinds of major scheduled maintenance should these owners have already performed?


Are these FJ80s or FZJ80s? 91-92s are FJ80 93+ are FZJ80...

Start with the FAQ sticky at the top of the forum - these items are the major ones discussed here. Also Slee has a great 80-Newbie information page on his site.
When I purchased my 95 it had 162k. With all repair records. Things I looked for were oil changes, alignment, brakes and rotors and liquid (ps,pb and coolant) changes. Looking at other post you should get aleast upper 200s before any major engine repair.

Other topics: Did they off road? Did they tow anything? Has the truck been in any accidents? Crawl under or have raised to look at condition of all seals of the trans, universals joints, steering linkage and shocks. Belts and hoses. I am sure more of the experencd members will add to this list.

Even after lookig hard at my truck I still have put in $2k in repairs, etc to get it where I feel I am ahead of the game. Good luck.
Be certain to check the coolant for motor oil. Smell the cars when hot, if you smell coolant than investigate. Check record to see if the PHH (Pesky Heater Hose) has been done or not.

Best of luck on it, everyone tells me these rigs will go 300k without major issues. I bought a 97 LX 450 and in the first two months replaced the head gasket, brakes and now having to redo the front axle for seals etc.
Take a look a the body. Make sure the paint looks smooth. Open the rear compartment where the jack is stored. See if it's clean. If it's really dusty it's been off road.
Check underneath, make sure that there no oil leaks. Look at the back side of the front tires. Make sure there's no oil on the tires (star pattern). That would mean that the inner axle seals are toast. Take a look at the power steering fluid. It should be red and transparent. Not dark or blackish. Same thing with the transmission fluid.

Turn the steering wheel. The power steering pump should not make no strain noises.

This may not mean the truck is unworthy, but you may get the owner to lower the price.


By the way it has 127K on it and now 130K.
Check for overspray in all of the door jams and pillars. Run carfax. If you're really anal, send the oil out for analysis. You could have a leakdown and compression check done. Check front end for oil/grease accumulation. How many owners? Dealer serviced? I'd drive it for a few hours in every possible way ie highway, streets, gridlocked traffic, curvy roads. It will tell you alot if you listen, dont just take it for 30 minutes and make your decision.
Search will give you all the info you need.

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