Newbie Carb help

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Feb 23, 2007
Boise, Idaho
Ok, I've had my Cruiser for three weeks and it seems like every time I get under the hood I find a new vacuum hose that isn't connected. I'm not sure if this was something the PO was working on or what. As I've been hooking them back up I've started to notice the engine running real rough at around 1200-1500 RPMs. If I gun it to 2000 or above it seems to be fine but if I hold it to just under 1500 every few seconds it will "cough cough cough" down to about 1000, recover to 1500 and then repeat. I also notice that when I gun the motor and let go of the pedal the RPMs drop below the idle point, I get a cough or two before it settles on idle. Where do I start?


id just get a diagram and and make sure all the hoses are hooked up right everywhere and there are no leaks
hten you can get to adjusting the carb if need be
I've done that, I'm pretty sure they're all in their right places.
Found the problem. I have a bad BVSV which isn't opening.

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