Newb tackles ABS system and wins!

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Dec 7, 2007
El Dorodo, CA (Home of Poor Reds)

Sorry for the long post, but I have not had anything to say till now:flipoff2:.

Woooo Hooooo I fixed my ABS system! :cheers: Silly yellow light was on when I bought it. Finally was able to get under and run it down. Figured out how to run the codes with the paper clip trick (from mud of course). Was getting codes 34 and 36. Anyway I am about ½ :banana: auto electrician so this was a challenge. Pulled and cleaned all 4 sensors ½ :banana: job. Still throwing both codes. Had proper resistance from harness connector to sensor in front DS. Fished up stream and found where both front harness come together inside body on DS. Turned out to be gunk in the 1st DS wire harness connector (contact cleaner took care of it). Code 34 cleared. Then it was on to code 36. No signal in DS rear harness. Suspected broken wires from 6” lift and some articulation. Removed harness and located/repaired broken wires (soldered, heat shrunk and taped). Good signals on bench and in rig. Replaced harness, disconnected battery waited 30 seconds, reconnected battery. Turned ignition stomped on stop pedal 8 times and waited to see no codes. CARP! Now it is throwing codes 35 and 36. I must of mangled something:bang:……Late, tired bummed put everything away as I have no garage and must work in the gravel driveway.

Squeezed an hour in tonight and double checked to see if it was still throwing codes, hoping they would just go away. Yep still both codes. So, where to start? Well let’s start with the front where the funky connection was. Well would you look at that, some dummy forgot to plug the four way connector in when he was working on it last night:doh:. Anyway, 5 minutes later there are no codes .:D:beer:

Oh, hey, how rude of me for not introducing myself first, I was just so excited I actually fixed an electric gizmo on my rig!

Great Web site! I appreciate all the informative information available to all of us NEWBEs. Thanks to all that have spent the time to contribute! I have been reading and researching around IH8MUD for over a year now. A good friend of mine is building an ’87, 60 series and planted the Toyota LC seed. And, uh, well, you know I got bit bad with the Toyota bug:bounce:. Anyway the site helped me select and purchase a slightly modified, fairly clean well cared for ’97 LX 450.

So as for me, I live in the foothills of the Sierra’s just East of Sacramento CA. I belong to the local Sheriffs Search and Rescue OHV unit and am a new HAM “KI6MKX”. My family and I spend a lot of time in the great outdoors here all year long. Been Snow wheeling a couple of times already and am looking forward to some rocky trials soon.

Now for my RIG. She is a well cared for ’97 LX 450 (Lexus Gold)with the following mods done by the previous owner and beauty marks (he found a clean one and did the things I was going to do when I found one):

120K on the clock
Factory Lockers 3X
Slee 6” Lift
Hanna Sliders
Warn 9.5 K winch
Pin 7/CDL
100 series brake pads
35” BF Goods
60 series bumper (stole it off my buddies)

It also came with the following items:

All the original OEM parts, pulled off when mods done (all for sale)

Complete set BFG 37” tires with stock wheels
180 AMP Hobart welder (220V), Helmut with flash glass, gloves and wire (at my buddies house)
Hi lift jack and tree saver kit
Winch kit
Tow strap
20’ 70K Chain
Coolant, gear oil, grease gun
Come along
Two manuals (but not the factory one) and other odds and ends

Recently purchased, acquired or done
Kenwood TM-D700A dual band 144/440 HAM with mag mount and APRS
Synthetic winch line
Tire inside under board with 3 action packers strapped on top in till I can get a bumper (looks bush but works).

Future Mods not listed in order:
Factory Manual
PMs, PHH, plugs, wires, rotor, cap, Slow windows and seats, PS Door lock etc……
Slee Skid plate for tranny
Diff breathers & T box breather
On board air of some kind
Dual battery
Auxiliary fuse box
Rear bumper with dual swing outs or one with a belly tank not sure yet.
Replacement antenna
Roof Rack or roof tent (how do you get up there after a few beers?)
A name for my rig

How do I get a PINK PANTY sticker?

:cheers: The Claw
I was hoping on seeing a pic of the ol
gal after reading your whole post...:rolleyes::flipoff2: Welcome...
X3 and :flipoff2:
Pics tonight of "The Claw" LX 450


I will try and posts some pics tonight when I get home.:rolleyes:

- NLXTACY - No to "Liar Liar" had not thought of that one. Good ref.

Will be posting for sale items (I hope also).

Now back to work!

"The Claw" writes again.......:steer:
Some Pics

OK let's see if I did this right.....

1st Pic is just a canyon or two over from my house on trip with my Dad. Hmmmm.... cut my hood off, oh well nice canyon. Next two were on SAR excersize up near Union Valley Res. just below Desolation Wilderness and not to far from the Rubicon. I forgot to take the cool pics of the 40 series leading us (jeeps and me) on the snow run:whoops:

The Claw
Nice rig!
great work on the ABS. i was once told that the harness has a "casing" around the wires and when that cracks or brakes, for example due to a lift and severe articulation, you will get the ABS light on and need to replace the harness. obviously, you cracking in and getting at the wires proves this wrong. has any one else heard this?
i accidentally cut my ABS wire when i was removing my front sway bar. I was told they they could'nt be spliced as they were sheilded or something of that manner. So i spliced them and then put shrink wrap around the splice and then covered that in electrical tape. Been good for 6 months now.
i accidentally cut my ABS wire when i was removing my front sway bar. I was told they they could'nt be spliced as they were sheilded or something of that manner. So i spliced them and then put shrink wrap around the splice and then covered that in electrical tape. Been good for 6 months now.

no abs light? no codes?
no abs light? no codes?

nope. ABS light was on before the patch job. Ever since the patch job all is good.........................knocking on wood as we speak. :popcorn:
Welcome Claw!!:flipoff2: Nice Rig!!
Patch still working

Hey just an update. The repair I made to the ABS lines are still working great! Even after wheel'n several of the Rubicon's amusement features going into Spider Lake and the other fun I have had this summer. Seems I added enough length in the repair for full articulation. Woo Hooo!

The Claw
good work and nice rig! it is such a sense of accomplishment when you figure out some complex problem that seemed totally unattainable!

as one of the members has posted at the bottom of all his's just a bunch of metal, we're smarter than it (or something like that).

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