Newb intro.

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Dec 28, 2005
San Diego, CA
Hi everyone.

Want to start out by saying what a great board you all have here. I wish I would have visited this site sooner. I have a '97 LX450 that I've owned for around 6 1/2 years. In that time I've clocked about 95,000 reliable miles, and with the help of this site I'm hoping to keep her going for at least another 95K. Unfortunately we haven't done much wheeling with it as it serves as our primary kid hauler grocery getter. But if the time ever comes I'm thinking that a 2.5" lift would do it nice. It sure is tempting with some of the rigs that I've seen posted.

The only real modding I've done to her is adding an Alpine screen, nav, 6 disc mp3 player, and DVD player to quiet the kids.

i washed her up today so i snapped some pics.






And that's about it, see ya around.
Nice ride.
Welcome :flipoff2:

Where ya been since December 2005?
lol, thanks for the welcome :beer:

Where ya been since December 2005?

I dunno. I guess the "search" function works pretty well.

Is it Locked

Unfortunately not. I wasn't even sure what lockers were until I read about them here.

What's the 3 wires go over your charcoal canister, right in behind the positive + battery terminal?

Wire loom for the power cable that runs to the 5 channel amp.

Thanks again, see ya around.

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