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Feb 27, 2021
Hello to everyone. I just registered as a member but used this site as a guest in 2002 as I went through the first build on my 71 FJ40. I got lots of needed information back then and appreciated the tech section and how to's that helped me through the build.
Time and weather has taken a toll on the beast so it's time to start over on a new Re-build. Although I consider myself a purist, my 71 had already received a 350 SB swap when I bought it so I took it several steps further with 4 wheel disc brakes, power steering, spring over suspension lift and many more drivetrain changes. As usual, rust has been a problem so the next build is swapping out the tub with a 76 hardtop with ambulance doors I bought in CA that is mostly rust free. Have a few spots to clean up but it's in pretty good shape. I look forward to posting my progress and sharing any information I can along the way. The pic is half way through the tear down. Thanks for keeping this forum alive for all these years!

tear down.jpg

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