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Oct 7, 2005
Northern California
This is an awesome forum. I'm about two years away from inheriting my wife's 2000 LC. Until I found this site I wasn't all that excited about getting it. I was actually thinking about trading it in for an 80, and pocketing the difference. Glad I found Ih8mud. I had no idea what you can do with a 100 series. The 100 series LCs on this site blow away the 80s. Well anyways, ours has got 78K miles on it and I think its mine when it hits 100K. I'm already planning my upgrades. If only I could start now, but you know how that goes.

In the meantime, has anyone replaced the stock radio antenna. Ours doesn't go up or down anymore, but makes a nice moaning sound everytime you turn the engine on and off, as if its trying to do something. I've got decent wrenching skills, but figured I'd ask before I go pulling things apart.

Counting the miles. Steve
Mar 18, 2005
Austin, TX
I replaced mine about 2 weeks ago. The only difficult part is the fact that if the gear ribbon broke off inside the antenna motor you have to take the power antenna motor apart to get the broken gear ribbon out.

Take out the antenna mast by removing the nut where the antenna comes out of the fender and then pull the mast straight up and out.

The antenna motor was pretty easy to get to. Access it thru the back of the right front wheel well. Should be one bolt holding it in place, but a wire is clipped to the side that will keep you from being able to pull it out of the well. Make sure you unclip that wire and the power harness connector from the side of the antenna motor. The first wire will still be connected at the top of the motor. I left it attached so that I didn't break it since once the side clip is undone there should be enough slack. Once you have the motor out there should be @ 4-6 bolts on the side that you have to take off to take off the motor cover. Once you start taking the cover off, you should be able to pull the ribbon out easily. Once it is out, put the motor back together the same way you took it apart and remount it in the fender well. After the motor is remounted, turn the radio on to put the motor in "up" mode. (Make sure the antenna control button is set to all the way up by holding the up for a few seconds) Extend the new antenna and feed the new ribbon into the hole that you pulled the first mast out of. This is easier done with two people, but can be done with one. Once the ribbon is fed into the hole, turn the radio off or press the antenna down button to while feeding the ribbon into the motor. If it doesn't catch the ribbon then turn the ribbon until the gear on the ribbon is caught by the motor gear. Once it is caught and the mast goes down, put the nut back on the nut surrounding the mast. Done.
Mar 17, 2005
Just did mine...

The first time is hard... The fender liner has a lot of body clips that have to be removed.. I found that it wasn't worth replacing the old ones.. Us new ones and it will go easyier when reinstalling the liner.. Pull the liner down from the top enough to get to the motor.. remove the one bolt holding the antenna and pull down to release the motor tube that goes to the fender top.. The clip holding the antenna wire to the radio will have to be removed...a hard job.. I finally just cut the part of the clip that goes through the hole and then could get the antenna lead loose. The motor will then come out enough to get to the screws holding the cover on the side of the motor.

Take the round cover off the side of the motor and remove the broken ribbon..

The installation of the new antenna requires that you turn off the power to get the motor to draw in the new ribbon all the way. The up and down button only draws the ribbon part ways and then stops like it is stuck.. I finally tried turning off the power and the ribbon went in all the way...

Reinstall the fender liner and you are done.. Now that I have done it and know how it's done, the second time will go a lot faster..

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