New Super Chager + Land Tank MAF

Nov 6, 2006
I had the local dealership install the SC kit just before Christmas. Since that time it has been -25 below, snowing, or raining. Due to either the temps or the raod conditions I never really stomped on the gas. After doing a little city driving, a little freeway time, everything seemed fine, so I installed Landtanks' MAF mod.

Temps have inproved and every other day or so, I get a dry raod.

When I STOMP the gas to the floor, the engine cuts out. Not just "runs rough", I mean cuts out so that you are thrown agaist the sholder strap, then back agaist the seat, then against the shoulder strap. etc etc The engine cutting out is so vio0lant, by reflex you instantly take your foot of the gas.

It's only been out of the shop for a few weeks. What are the chances the problem is caused by the MAF mod? I should take it off and put the stock MAF back on before I take it into the shop? I am a little worried about damaging the plug by repeatatly taking wire in and out (it was really only designed for wires to be incerted once and never removed)

Any suggestions as to what the problem may be ?


Dec 10, 2007
I'm just a newb, but maybe put the OEM MAF back on before taking it back to the mechanic??


Jun 5, 2005
Madison NC
Inspect your harness at the EGR pipe and also see if any extensions were made in the loom for the IAC and TPS. IF so check these connections carefully. This sounds exactly like what i was experiencing and it was do to the engine torquing and exposing a short in the extended harness. All connections looked solid and were soldered but i redid them all w/ crimp connectors and added an inch to the extension and all has been fine since.

I would maybe swap the MAF back after a thorough inspection, i think youll be fine w/ the plug for a couple careful swaps.

oh man oh man though once you get it right your gonna love it...... one of the few things that makes me wish it was colder here . The SC looooooooooves cold mornings :D
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