New paint: WIP

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I don't get it.

I bet you spent more time masking off those wiper arms than it would have taken to pop them off.

Why not take the mirrors off as well?

And the side marker lights.

And the antenna.
I don't know, but I want somebody to make a steel or aluminum Diamond tread plate, formed, to go over the hood hump like he's got taped...

It'll brace the hood and you could prolly stand on it in a recovery situation...

And where it's legal, you can prolly mount a spare there like the old Rovers did...

Paint it or bed liner it flat black and it won't reflect if you've got roof lights...
I bet you spent more time masking off those wiper arms than it would have taken to pop them off.

Easy trick for masking such things - aluminum foil. Just squeeze it around the parts and paint. Easier than masking and easier than removing the parts.
Good for you bring on more pics. Make sure you scuff the holy living heck out of the areas prior to paint with some red scotch brite at minimum.
Decided against the stripes. The way i was doing it was bass akwards anyway. I may do some kind of 2 tone, not sure at this point.

Stripped and started sanding, which is close to being my least favorite activity ever.


Painted the cage while i had the top off.
Anyone know how to remove the black panel with the 4runner logo next to the window/door?
I am glad to see your new technique of tackling this task! I truly believe you are going to be very proud of your efforts once you are finished. As for block sanding it is truly one of those jobs that sucks but when your done you can see the effort!!
Its finished'ish.




Im pleased with it, just gotta see how it holds up in the trees.

Altough I saw a chevy orange toyota pickup and now im thinking of repainting :doh:

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