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Sep 20, 2015
Greensboro, North Carolina
I am so thankful! I have been wanting an overland trailer for many years and I came across a deal that I just simply couldn’t pass up. A man had posted this trailer on Facebook Marketplace. He built it as a baseball gear hauler/tailgating rig for his kids. It is a 2016 Dinoot Trailers M416. Fiberglass tub, custom made aluminum top, heavy hydraulic lifters, welded frame, cargo basket in front, rhino lined interior, and cross bars. I was also able to find a really great deal on the FSR M49 RTT.

I live in Greensboro. Last Saturday I drove to Atlanta and back to pick up the trailer and then Sunday I drove to western Virginia and back to pick up the tent. 23 1/2 hours of driving! ...only because I had to put in a new alternator in the parking lot of an Oreillys!

I have a ton of trips planned for the rest of the year. I’m so excited! If anyone is interested in joining me, let me know!

  1. July- July 27-28. Badin Lake site 14. Kayaking and mountain biking.
  2. August- August 3-4. Linville Gorge.
  3. August- August 17-18. Jays Secret Site. Warrior Creek MTB. Full moon.
  4. August- August 29 - September 2. Appalachian Toyota Roundup. Windrock Park, Tennessee. Wheeling and MTB.
  5. September- September 20-22. ONSC Logan’s Run - Uwharrie, Badin Lake Group Camp.
  6. October- October 4-6. Mile High Campground, site T00. Fire Mountain MTB.
  7. October- October 12. Overland Expo East. Virginia. Full moon.
  8. October- October 18-20. Uwharrie Outdoor Summit. Badin Lake Campground site 14.
  9. November- November 9-10. Linville Gorge. Full moon.






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