New member and new project.

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Jan 17, 2022
Hi to everyone.
I've been reading the forum for years but this is my first post.
I just won an FJ40 at auction here in Dubai and it's my first. Ive been a series Land Rover man in the past but am keen to work on a Toyota for the first time.
This on is an ex-Saudi vehicle. 1983 by vin number and it's a non-runner. (On inspection the HT leads are completely melted for a start). It turns over fine though.
400k on the clocks so may actually be a genuine kilometres reading?
AC, heater and power steering fitted (OEM??? Not sure yet)
The previous owner has painted it nicely outside but there is rust lurking beneath
I call it a Sheep in Wolf's clothing...
I only take ownership in a few days but wanted to introduce myself now as I'm sure I will be relying heavily on the expertise here in the future.










Congrats on your entryt o manhood ! lol Once you find a quick solution to getting the motor going don't spend anytime ripping her apart just yet ! Get her on the road, drive it, feel it and in time the right things to do will surface. Nothing like killing the mood of driving that beast than getting stuck in a multi-year project and loosing motivation. Once your behind the wheel you'll realize what a great decision you made and will have more motivation for tackeling small jobs leading up to something bigger. Once the motor is in and running you can look at upgrades, diesel, gas etc... You've got a real beauty there, 83 and 84 were the best years as they had power steering and a 5speed. I've got a 83 and a few other cruisers. Love em !
Enjoy !
"Entry to man-hood"...LOL!
Yes, my first Toyota haha. I intend to do as you suggest and just get her running and drive her for a few months to figure out what I'm dealing with. Right now I've got a new coil and HT leads on order which 'should' sort out the ignition issue. I'm changing all the fluids in the meantime. Rusty water in the radiator, fuel in the sump (at least I know it's getting fuel!) and black goo in the clutch and brake reservoirs...
Interesting that it's a 4 speed. Maybe North America got the 5 speed in 83?
Well, I got her 'alive' this evening. New HT cables and a points clean up were all it took. Also chucked a little fuel into the carb to help her clear her throat!
Rough but alive!!!
Took a 2 minute drive up the road to establish that the gearbox was grafting properly and that 4x4 is engaging. All good! Lots of work to do (virtually no gauges working) but a good foundation to start from.

I have to say I've been reading for years that these 2f engines are under powered but if you think that, really, you've never owned a 2.25 litre series Land Rover...

This Toyota is a BEAST.

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