New engine noise, squeak from front ~ thoughts as to source?

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Jan 8, 2019
Georgia (state, not country)

Took a video hoping to better hear location since my hearing is crap and I can't really identify it in person. To me it sounds like it's more towards the front and more down low (but that could just be bounce from the concrete).

Backstory, this is completely new. Happened for the first time as my wife left work (I happened to be there), thought it Might be the AIR pump pulley at first glance. Drove ~35 minutes home and the noise was gone. Started again yesterday and it's still evident.... going to take it on a short warming run later to see if it again goes away. Just wanted to get something up in the forums sooner rather than later.

Belts are all unknown age but look/feel fine and are tight. AC is non-op, no idea on history of PS/Alt/water pump, but everything's been working well for the few thousand miles we've driven it in the past year. About the most major event was our first 4x4 gathering where we did a water crossing deep enough for the fan to dip in the water and splash the new hood insulator... :/

Sounds like the air pump - a vane is breaking down.
Try removing that belt and running the engine (short time only) , could also try a drop of oil on the power steering bearing, isolate the sound.
Is there any weep from the underside of the water pump?
Did you check your PS fluid level? kinda makes a similar sound when it's low. Agree on the above suggestions as well. If it's a bearing, a shot of oil or wd40 will quiet it down momentarily.
I have a mechanics stethoscope. It's a metal probe attached to a diaphragm that then has tubes that fit in the ear. This is great for listening to bearings and such. On mine I'm able to take off the metal probe and attach a piece of hard plastic tubing. This has been great for locating sounds like exhaust leaks, etc. You might try just a piece of tubing with one end held to your ear. It helps focus where the sound is coming from. Be careful of all the rotating parts, though.

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