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Aug 17, 2020
Peoria IL
Good Morning Everyone,

Long time lurker first time posting. I just acquired a 92 land cruiser that is in need of some help but had a very straight body and chassis I purchased it for the sum of $1300 with the previous owner telling me it needed a head gasket. Story was that he had the entire engine rebuilt 3 years ago and drove it maybe 300 miles over those few years. His brother in law bought it from him and within one day it overheated. The brother in law was upset and wanted his money back so the original owner did and decided to sell the vehicle because he didn't have time for it, knowing it had been over heated. My plans for the vehicle was originally to flip it and try and make some money off of it but I also might get attached and really enjoy it. Basically planning to get it running and driving and find out what else this it needs.

So far I have done a compression check and did get some reasonable numbers on cylinders 1-4 but realized cylinder 5 was puking rusty water out the plug hole while I was doing my compression check. Since I didn't want to fill my compression gauge full of nasty junk I decided not to do 5 and 6. Also plug 5 the electrode was rusted shut so not good. Today I'm going to do a pressure test on the cooling system to see if I can find where the coolant is coming from or going and also use a borescope to see what the cylinder looks like. Sound like a reasonable place to start before ripping the head off?

One thing I did notice oil looks brand new not mixed as does the coolant, only reason I haven't decided to completely pull the head immediately and do some diagnosing first.

My biggest question is who is the best source on getting oem parts? I believe Beno is retired from some posts I read, who's the next in line. Planning on doing all the coolant hoses, and as much of a gasket kit that I can find.

Also there is a pissing match already been my jeep and the land cruiser


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