Need Stock radio/speaker info

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Feb 9, 2008
I have a working stock AM radio but the speakers are gone/modified.

Can anyone tell me what size/watts/amps the original speaker was, and where it was mounted? thanks!
Hey- much obliged... do you have a photo? I'll be looking for a stock-ish/nondescript speaker cover...
hang on I'll go take one.
EDIT: Here's a pic of the speaker. I don't know where the cargo panels are.
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I still have the grill, covering what would otherwise be an empty hole...looks to be about 4 1/2" round.
I have a single extra 5"x7" speaker, not OEM but it fits. It's left over from the pair I got when I installed the ham radio in my BJ60 and needed a speaker for the ham radio in the dash. I think it's either Poineer or Clarion so it's a decent speaker.

If you're interested PM me. I'm all over the western U.S. this summer.
Thanks everyone - looks like a standard oval speaker would work... I don't know a lot about audio though. I'd hate to get something that won't match up well. It may also be tricky to find a nice plain black cover.

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