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Oct 20, 2010
Central NJ
Hi guys,
I have to replace all the stereo components in my 96 LC. It sounds awful.

Basically, after searching I'm not certain what speaker sizes or amp type I need for a nice stock replacement system with some extra power.

I'm pretty well set on a Kenwood KDC-348U single DIN head unit. I've got an older model of the same in my Subaru and it works great with my iPhone4.

Can someone confirm these are the parts and speaker sizes I need?

- front door speakers: as shallow as possible 6.5" (saw Polk DXi 650's on Crutchfield but it says "will not fit")
- rear door speakers: shallow 4"
- front dash: 4"?
- rear sub: 4"? Or is it 6"?
- amplifier? Is this needed with a new head unit? What if I wanted to run an amp for ALL speakers including sub? Or just get a small subwoofer amp, and power all others via head unit?

I'm looking for equipment that fits as good as possible in the stock locations, including sub and amp.

Thanks in advance audiophiles! Any suggestions would be great.

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Mar 30, 2009
As far as the front door speakers you can run any 6.5 speakers. You just have to clear the window rolling down and the side of the dash. I pesonally had some JBL separates and i put 2 spacers to clear the window.

As for the rear door you can also run any 4" spaeker, but you will have to cut a hole for the magnet to clear the pastic bracket.
The sub space can clear a 6.5" speaker. I put 1 coaxial 6.5" speaker in there. I unpluged the sub amp. I'm running a Rockford sub amp and a 12" sub for my bass.

You really don't have to buy and amp to run the speakers. You can just run it off the head unit. Only if you want to get more bass/sound quality then you will need the amp.

For the front dash speakers you will need a tiny 4" speaker to fit in there. Not much room because of the componets behind the dash. Hope this hepls
Jan 15, 2010
Bothell, WA
i have the dxi650's installed in the front doors of my '97 - takes a bit of work to get them installed, but they do fit. i have another set of dxi650's that i will be installing in the rear doors tomorrow. search polk and you will find threads that include installation pics/tips.

there was another thread a few days ago about the retro 4" speakers on crutchfield's site. i supposed you could use those for the front dash and rear door speakers. new 6.5" speakers in the front doors, then find a 6" sub that will fit in the stock sub mount and power it all off the factory amplifier.

there isn't really a definite audio thread. it really depends on what you want your system to sound like and how much money/time you want to throw at the project.

my audio setup will look like this when finished:
head unit: alpine 9835
front doors: polk audio dxi650
rear doors: polk audio dxi650
front & rear amplifier: jl audio 300/4 mounted under the drivers seat
sub: jl audio tundra stealth box (from my old tundra) haven't figured out how i want to mount this yet.
sub amplifier: jl audio 250/1 mounted on the factory sub mount (i mounted this to a piece of plexiglass, then mounted that to the factory sub bracket.)

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