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Oct 13, 2005
New poster - wish it was happier times.
My wife called my yesterday and told me the LC was vibratign badly, felt like it was going to stall at any moment and had no pickup at all. I told her to park it and call AAA -
I drove it to the tow truck (less than 1 block) to be loaded and here is what i felt
In gear the vibration is very bad - shaking the whole car in neutral it does not vibrate that badly but idles at 1K - in gear it was struggling to idle at all.

She said it smell like rotten eggs (plugged/failed Cat converter maybe)
could this be caused by excessive back pressure or a cracked header?

This is our 3rd LC (FJ62,80 & 100) all of previous ones we put 150K + on them
this one has 97K on it now. the timing belt was changed at the last service and all maintiance has been done accourding to the book at the dealer.

I'm at a loss here on this and basically waiting for them to call

Anyone have a good Indi shop on the eastside (seattle area)



Jul 12, 2005
Boulder Foothills, CO
No CEL or other things to hlep clue you? It sounds like a miss to me, Spark plug failed, coil, or coil wire. All of these should set off a check engine light. Major vaccuum leak could create some of the similar symptoms, except the vibration. If the flow through the cats are not enough to have proper O2 senor reading then this too would set the CEL off. Have no idea about a good shop in Seattle. good luck robbie
Mar 18, 2005
Austin, TX
How was the oil pressure and level? Could be many things. Get the CEL code checked for a good starting point.

Bad O2 Sensor
Broken Vacuum Tube
Bad plugs
Clogged Fuel Injectors
Bad motor/tranny mount
Harmonic Balancer
Cracked block

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