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Feb 26, 2009
Looking at an 05 100. Has just under 80k, one owner, looks really clean from pics. I am going to pick it up tomorrow and take it home for the afternoon and look it over. Should it raise any red flags that the 90k service has already been done? In fact it was done back in 2011 according to the car fax. Might just be a sign that the P.O. was proactive with maintenance but I want to get some opinions from the experts.
I would be happy to find a car with that kind of mileage and it was done already.

We did the belt/pump change on my wifes 4runner (same engine) because the pump started weeping, not bad though. So I had it done at 69K miles

I would not be concerned with that.
It wouldn't concern myself either. When I considered selling my 04 I went ahead and did the 90k service at 72k.

I changed it as a selling point, my truck was in great condition without a thing wrong. There is also a time interval for the belt to be changed as well.
I'll second Dobie's last comment. I bought my 04 last fall with 82k on it from an Acura dealership. They had the t-belt service done along with numerous other preventive maintenance prior to advertising it. Reason being, you go by mileage or time period, whichever comes first.
The T-Belt being done was actually most likely scheduled maintenance as opposed to preventative. At least with my year, the T-Belt replacement interval is 6 years or 90K. The fact it has been done would be a major plus in my estimation.
Thanks for the replies. I was indeed pleased to find out it had been done already. Just wanted to be sure it wasn't a sign of a previous problem.

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