Need input from 60/62 Owners on what truck to buy

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Feb 26, 2003
Next to the Falls in OH
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I have ventured to the Wagon side and need a little help on what truck to buy.
First off I have no pictures of the trucks but we all know what they look like.
I intend on using the truck as a dog hauler b/c my weimar has already destroyed one truck and now with a UZJ in the family I can not let that one get damaged.

Fist Truck,
From TX 1982 FJ60 109,000miles original owner new motor at 90,000 the owner of the truck come s from a family of Toyota dealer owners. Recent $2,800 in work done to truck including wheel, bearings,knuckles, brakes, Power steering, and super tune-up. A/C works Only one spot of rust on the rear wheel well not coming through but just a bubble. The clear coat is peeling a little but from 10ft away it looks showroom. Aftermarket wheels with good tires. Old Ramsey winch and a Brush guard that needs to be removed. The bad needs a new front fender and light bucket thingy, his son hit a car at a light. Interior is fair, dash cracked, a few stains on the seats ect. need the tailgate panel. Price $4,500

Second Truck,
1989 FJ62 Original Midwest truck 109,000miles all original in and out the owner claims to have receipts for over $6,000 in maint. all completed prior to 2000 . A/C does not work it worked in 2000 but not used since. Powere ant. even works, Recent power steering pump and brack work. It has been repainted 2000 with some rust repair metal replaced but now has some rust coming out,(fender and one spot on tailgate) the truck was driven in the winter but has been oiled every year so it has surface rust on the underside like anything up north. Interior is perfect the best I have every seen on an older truck all original. I have not seen this one with my own eyes but have seen photos. Owner claims it to be in great shape.

All none mentioned items were similar ie. both have good tires, tinted windows.

As stated above just looking for intput from you wagon guys.
This comes down to personal choice. I would take the 60 because I like the 2F better then the 3F, I like manuals over autos any day, and I hate the square headlights on the 62. The only feature 62s have that 60s done that I like is FI.
Sounds like the 60 is in better shape, new engine, less rust, etc. The interior shouldn't matter since you said it will get trashed by the hound anyway. I like the features of the 60 better as well. No power gadgets to break, manual trans, better exterior looks.
I would take the 60, if it were me. krinkled fender vs rust, fender wins
Thanks so far

I have always worked with the 2f are there a lot of issues with the 3FE as compared to the 2f.
MJM and keep it coming
i also like the 60 better had one for a year after t-100 and 4-runners. But once again be careful they all roll.(probably me and my crew) Also why do the 62 rust more than 60s?
Ooo, thats a tough one. On the 60 original owner truck....I gotta ask why they had to drop a new motor in at 90k on the clock. Also, sounds like it has been, for the lack of a better term neglected somewhat based on the condition of the interior and various small murders around the outside. But rust should not be a real issue.

The 62 sounds like it has many good points...with one notable bad point. I, you, we all hate rust. I would really take a close look at the rust repair work and all the undersides of that one. You know how much salt they use ;)

As far as the gadget's really personal preference. Me...because of the suck a$$ traffic I have to deal with, I'd take the auto. If it weren't for that conveniece factor...the 4sp would win hands down.

This is a pretty close one to this point I'd probably start testing the owners to see which one is more motivated to sell.
The 60 is overpriced w/ the bent fender...factory fender is around 375, if they're toyota dealers, have them include it. Ask for documentation on the engine work. A/C repair is expensive, and depending on how extensive needed work is, can run to a grand. I wouldn't consider either car with rust, too many nice ones down here in Tx. The 62 is overpriced w/the rust, and it will never go away. Between the two, take the 60, but they need to knock off a grand.
I'd offer $3500 for the FJ60 and forget the FJ62.

The dead motor at 90k is weird. Mine is going strong at 210k. Some get over 300k on their original 2Fs.
Four squares vs. two rounds - I say go with the FJ62 (no bias, of course...).
Stay away from anything that has rust. The 60 is overpriced. I perfer the 62 over the 60...this just my opinion. I like standard too but if you drive on flat roads or just about town an auto is not a bad deal and coupled with fuel injection is even a better set up in my opinion. I'd Buy one of those fancy cages for now and keep looking if it were me.
One more for the 60, but as said above the price is too high. We've got one here in Central Oregon for sale for $3900 in pretty good shape--both inside and out.
I would keep searching or get the 60 price lowered. By the way, the two round headlights are much easier to upgrade than the 4 squares of the 62. I like 60s: manual trans, 2F, round lights, manual everything (i hate power windows etc.), the car is not bad to keep tuned.
Not a vote for this particular 62, but they do have one great asset the 60's don't. Overdrive! If you want to run over 70 on the highway, that's the way to go imo
quote: Not a vote for this particular 62, but they do have one great asset the 60's don't. Overdrive! If you want to run over 70 on the highway....

Unless, of course, you have an H55f and a turbo!
age old 60 vs 62 debate. I am biased, so go on condition. Rust is the biggest $ killer for a rig! But I would seriously question a new 2f @ 90K miles!

its your call FI did it for me. Less maint and tuning.
Get a 62!!! I say 60's are crap. You need a 62. They're newer and they um...are not as old as the 60's.

(My girl is looking for a 60 and I'm trying to reduce the demand one person at a time...) :)
Well I guess there isn't much to say, i would say the concensus is go 60 which kinda leaves me wondering cause my wife wants one but
However I will give you my 2 cents, I bought a 60 in Minnesota, but it only spent 2 winters there, not much rust visible while there, but when I got it it was in the nice dry north. Once it got to FL and the humidity got to what the salted roads in Minnesota left of my chassis...WOWOWOW did rust take off quickly and now my only solution is a good blast and a ziebart undercoat. Good luck they both sound pretty good

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